Oh, hello there!
I’m known as RealToughCandy on YouTube. I got my start in the feral ’90s underbelly of internet culture and actually lived to tell about it.

365BlottoChallenge.com, better known as RealToughCandy on Youtube, is my online “offline” hub to share everything from new JavaScript frameworks to coding board games. Most importantly, here I share my best picks of just about everything… Things that are going to save you time, money, and/or your sanity in the tech world. I wasted so much time in the beginning (1.5 years, to be precise) just trying to figure out what I needed to learn code efficiently, I almost threw in the towel. (If you want to know the one book that kept me inspired, check out my upcoming tribute post to Mark Myers [author, not Halloween creep]. That book was a true tech lifesaver).

Everything I write about and review here usually either sucks, or rocks. In each post, I’ll let you know in no uncertain terms why either of these is so.

De vsec

One of my favorite videos I produced involves a Muppet and a really dangerous web developer job board site. It pretty much sums up my life. 

“But RealToughCandy, why? WHY?! Why are you engaging in such cheap, tawdry affairs? Have you no pride?”

 I love being creative while helping thousands of people save even more thousands of hours of time while curbing frustration, and maybe making a rough day a little easier with a giggle or guffaw or two. Although, I do realize techies need their quiet time. In that case: browse studiously in silent peace, pardner.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 6.47.45 PM

Warming up with some Journey before recording a FizzBuzz challenge video.


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