On the importance of Social Proof

“Candy, You explain this so well. You’re better than my teachers in code school.”

-Robert J

“Awesome… Been trying to get this fixed for a while now.. Great job RTC…” -Ibidapo T.

“It was tough! Now I found this!!!!!! Yes!!!!” -Robin P. 

“good job” – Taolucks S.

“very very thank u dear very helpful for saving my time.” – Yougesh R.

“The lady who started it all providing us w motivation, pizzazz & perspective.” -TheBlackUSAGI



The above are actual reviews of my brand and me (which are, by my design, the same thing). They’re a collection of endorsements called social proof. 

Social proof is important in web development, especially at the beginning stages of one’s career. Strangers — important strangers, like employers, clients, mentors, and network connections — trust you more when other people have good things to say about you.

Start collecting things people are saying about you as a tech professional.

What are the patterns, and are they what you expected?

If there is any dubious or harmful pattern, yet you believe you’re trying hard to leave positive impressions, start investigating immediately the disconnect between your perception of yourself, and the reality of what people are saying about you.

The earlier you correct these patterns, the smoother sailing* your career will be.

It also makes you feel pretty darned good, too.


*Smoother sailing = more opportunities, more respect, more money, more, more MORE!!


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