I never hear coding albums I REALLY dig, so I made one.

 Like a lot of other people, I’ve been doing this web developer thing as a profession, and I really love it.

Sure, I’m getting paid for my tech endeavors.

Yeah, I can slice a JavaScript array like sushi.

And I can talk watercooler tech like nobody’s business.

But I’m still a rookie, a plebe, some may even say… a n00b! And that means I’m still cramming my cranium with web development concepts that range from that weird Bootstrap syntax to using haiku poetry to remember my JSON objects. And you know what? Doing this stuff without a beat can be a real snooze. So I got to thinking….”Hey, I’ve been a music producer, and I can do this again. Why not make a coding album?”

So I did.


Cover art from Electric Pomodoro, dropping soon at realtoughcandy.bandcamp.com

I recently recorded an instrumental downtempo album called Electric Pomodoro, designed to be a timer for a Pomodoro session.

But what’s the heck’s a Pomodoro?

 It’s an Italian word for tomato. It’s also a time management method used a lot in the tech industry. Basically, you define your goal (or goals), set a timer for 25 minutes, work with focus to complete those goals without distractions — no checking email, no grabbing a cup of coffee — and when the timer goes off, you take a five minute break to do whatever you want. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It’s a wildly effective way at getting things done. 

Instead of using an alarm or clock to track your session, you can use Electric Pomodoro.
Press play, and when the 25-minute album is over, so is your Pomodoro! Neat, right?

Electric Pomodoro is funky, it’s groovy, it’s rhythmic, and it’s meant to propel you to focus on your tech projects, specifically coding. Use it on a lower volume to drive your actions in your time management session…Or, just jam out! Life doesn’t have to always be about the rules now, does it?

holy crap true toomato

However you listen, I invite you to enjoy a few special early release tracks available now, to be included in the final album (plus a special non-album bonus track), dropping soon on realtoughcandy.bandcamp.com.

Keep updated with the release on my YouTube channel, where I’ll be having more information on it in the upcoming days! Enjoy the tunes!

Code on and prosper,


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