A master tech guy on YouTube stepped out of the game…Who’s next?

As a YouTube content creator, I obsessively refresh my admin panel just to get a real-time look at all the assorted mayhem going on in my collection of videos. Comments, thumbs up and down, new subscribers, unsubscribers…It’s a thrill! It’s like an ant farm bustling with various activities at all times — mostly predictable but also with some curious variations and funny, often unpredictable interactions. THOSE are the best moments on YouTube.

It can also be a cruel beast that makes me question just why ANYBODY would bother doing anything to support a platform that doesn’t have a default block of the phrase “I’m going to kil you and your mom, dumb cuunt go home!!.”

I mean, seriously. It’s a hard game out there in YouTube land.


The specimens seemingly reproduce after midnight and well into morning. 

So, I get it. But let me tell you a story about a guy who seemingly had it all, YouTube-wise: 800,000+ subscribers, 60+ MILLION views…Over 1000 videos. Not too shabby! Before I even knew I enjoyed “hardcore” tech stuff, Eli the Computer guy was on my radar. He talked slow and intentionally, for n00bs like myself who could hardly pronounce “ethernet” yet alone know what that meant. I mean, it was like some sort of connector thingy that gave you faster internet than wireless.


Right. So he’s teaching millions of people, really hitting homer after homer with his material.

But then things started getting strange.

Eli suddenly was doing daily two hour videos talking not much about anything, brushing off and scoffing at subscribers’ questions (“What’s the best VPN? The NSA is spying on you regardless, so VPNs don’t even matter!”-ish), and recording at insanely high-quality.

It’s the reality of many YouTubers: creators run out of ideas, run out of patience, run out of steam. They get uninspired, or maybe they don’t run out of anything and just get a “real” job, or have kids, or insert-real-life-scenario-here and they quit. Other times they change gears. . .And other times, they just get weird.  I may not watch Eli’s two-hour videocasts about non-tech, but I will always enjoy and remember (and rewatch) his unmatched Introduction to Networking video:

Worth your time. WORTH. YOUR. TIME. 

In the meantime, if you see me uploading daily videos on the growing progress of my basil plant, Miss Melissa…Start worrying! It’s probably because I just gave birth to twins and ran out of tech ideas. But I don’t plan on either of those things anytime soon, so we’re good.

Dude, but seriously. This album is so fine.

Talk soon.

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