Two days ago, by suggestion of the motivated newcomer CodingPhase on Youtube, I splurged for a Udemy JavaScript course.

That’s right. . .For the first time in my coding education journey, I actually spent money — a (((whopping))) $10, no less.


What inspired me?

1. Hours of searching on YouTube for free stuff, with a very low success rate.

I was spending more time searching something for free than I was actually learning something. While there are a few gems of coding masters on the ‘Tube (The Net Nina and thenewboston stand out in particular), most of the JavaScript tutorials on there are disjointed and the narrators have really thick, distracting accents with crappy English skills.

2. This dude named Joe, a/k/a CodingPhase.

This dude is 100% self-taught and talks to you like you’re in his backyard smoking (or at least, puffing on) a champagne-flavored Black and Mild with the kids safely inside watching the Cartoon Network. He’s a brusque potty-mouth from New York, and for all of those reasons, I trust him when he recommends a program. That program happened to be Tony Alicea’s JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. 

I eagerly anticipate every lecture in Tony’s course.

Friendly-looking fellow, that Tony. 

Tony has a real talent for explaining the concepts behind JavaScript. Not only that, he implements his lectures by putting that theory into practice, so you can code along with him, run your JavaScript, and see what’s making it work (or not work). In the past two days, these formerly-meaningless buzzwords have taken on an entirely new significance to me:

Lexical Environment;
Execution Context (HUGE…this concept really opened my brain’s doors);
The Execution Stack;
The Variable Environment;
Operator Precedence & Associativity (also HUGE);

And a metric crap-ton of other valuable material. I’m about 30% completed with the course and look forward to every video lecture. . .That’s saying something in an Internet world where most training materials truly suck.

If you’re looking for a very solid video-based resource to supplement your beginning JavaScript journey, take this course. -RealToughCandy



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